The first other-worldy NFTs minted exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain. They’re coming

They have entered earth…

Only 100 NFTs of the original scout team will be minted
Please don’t send ADA from an exchange. Use Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami wallet.

The Story

For a long time, humans have wondered if there’s life elsewhere in the universe. More recently, that line of speculation has inspired a lot of non-human snickering from near-Earth orbit.

The Adaliens are spreading across our galaxy and Earth is only their most recent stop.They’ve studied our news, our threads, and our memes. They know what humans like. Hell, if you haven’t been using encryption, they know what YOU like. Using their superior-technology and extensive knowledge of humanity’s likes and dislikes, the first-arrivals have masked their true forms with living embodiments of all the things we love most in an effort to make themselves as appealing as possible to our kind. So, don’t be surprised if you see an Adalien and find it irresistible. It’s by design.

Some would say the arrival of Adaliens spells doom for humanity. Some might see an opportunity of galactic proportions. The truth is: only the Adaliens know why they’ve come to Earth. However, they’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make themselves irresistible to humans, which would suggest that they want, or need, something from us.And their history of successful galactic-expansion would suggest that, whatever it is, they will get it from us.

It won’t be long before the Adaliens have collected a host of human-collaborators to aid in the fulfillment of their mysterious designs for Earth. It’s rumored that early collaborators will be rewarded for their cooperation with riches of cosmic proportions, but there’s only one way to find out…

The first-wave is here and more are sure to come. The currents of power are shifting.

The choice is now yours, will you stand idly by, or will you take quick action as an early adopter of Adaliens?

Meet The Scouts

Captain CorgiWith hands of diamonds, a precious face, and a hero’s spirit burning behind a chest that will leave you wishing for three hands, Captain Corgi will lead the Adalien scout-team to success, while winning the hearts of earthlings.

ElectriskittieThese melons make the kind of juice that’ll charge an electric car, or an Adalien scout-ship. Electriskittie is an electrifying blend of feline nature and femininity, so don’t be shocked if you find this kittie playing with your heartstrings.

Elephection:This walking piece of love-muscle never forgets a good time and is practically bursting with affection, but take care getting too close to him. It’s almost certain that you’ll be sprayed with liquid-love, but the real danger is in having your heart trampled when Elephection moves on to the next earthling.

GoopyAside from being ridiculously cute and… goopy, little is known about the Goopies, but it’s rumored that they’ll play a vital role in the Adalien’s plans for Earth.

The Master Plan


Rally The TroopsOur team consists of three earthlings, who have worked hard to bring Adaliens to our home planet. We hope to build a positive, excited community around the Adalien’s universe, united by our shared love of the Cardano project. With The Scout Team’s imminent arrival, they will be the first NFTs to be minted. As they collect data and conduct recon, more will surely follow.


Spice It Up – As the community grows, we will introduce our Adalien’s themed prize games. The concept is well-established and otherwise known as “No Loss Lotteries” or “Prize Savings Accounts”. You’ll have the opportunity to enter weekly giveaways and unlock exclusive prizes. All prize games created by our protocol will share the same characteristics:

  • No loss of deposited funds
  • Ability to securely withdraw at anytime
  • Fair prize distribution according to our proprietary prize protocol


Stabilize And ScaleThis is just the beginning of the story line. The Adalien’s project will take you on a fictional sci-fi journey based exclusively in the world of crypto. We will continue to mint rare Adalien NFTs, completely hand drawn by one of our co-founders, while we work hard towards the evolution of Adalien’s and their role here on planet Earth.

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